Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where did November go?

Um, holy smokes! November just kind of flew by! Ahh! And the streets are already filled with Christmas lights!!

One of the greatest parts of November, by far, was Thanksgiving. As another auxiliar said, you can only teach so many lessons describing Thanksgiving and everything it entails without starting to feel a little homesick. So on the night of my Thanksgiving feast with my friends, I was super excited. I had volunteered to make the pie, even though I’ve never made a pie. I got so excited after the first one turned out though, that I went to the store, bought more dough, and made a second!
MY FIRST PIE EVER!!!!!! (a little burnt... but that's what whipped cream is for.)

With pies in hand, I went to my friend Colleen’s piso to find Thanksgiving decorations, a beautifully set dinner table, mashed potatoes in preparation and turkey (really chicken, but we called it turkey) in the oven.
Colleen with the "turkey"
Pretty table and decorations. And my pies.
FOOD! (and then my camera died.)
I think we were all feeling way too overexcited to be having Thanksgiving dinner, which resulted in the outburst of “AMERICA!!!” at various times throughout the night. It was a bilingual Thanksgiving feast complete with lots of wine, line dancing (a la Ryan sisters dancing in the kitchen), and too much food, and therefore, it was amazing.

So, so, so much to be thankful for.

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