Thursday, August 11, 2011

¡A España me voy!

Holy smokes! I'm outta here again!!

Back in March, I applied to a program in Spain called "North American Language and Culture Assistants". It's a program run by the Spanish government, and they employ over 2000 people from North America (and I think Australia and New Zealand too) to teach English and "North American culture" in Spanish public schools. I applied super late and ended up being 5000-something on the waitlist, so I figured there would be no way I could get in. Buuuuut, on July 31 I got my placement saying I would be teaching at two schools in Madrid!! Woo!!

They are both secondary schools with students ages 12-18ish (so I've been told). Points A and B below are my placements. They're kind of far apart but that's okay because I'm planning on living somewhere in the middle. Annnd no worries, there is public transportation to both!

I'm still waiting on my visa (blah!), so I haven't booked a flight yet. I also haven't started looking for a place to live yet because I don't know when I'll be getting there. Because I don't have my visa. Hmm. I have an orientation in Madrid at the end of September, so the plan is to stay in a hostel before/during orientation and hopefully meet future roomies to find an apartment with! (In the off-chance that whoever is reading this knows someone in Madrid who would like a friendly Michiganian girl to live with them, let me know! :) )

So, yay! I'm super duper excited to be going to Spain and I can't wait to get over there! I'm just crossing my fingers in hopes that my visa will get processed quickly!



  1. I taught in two schools last year, and it was hard to stay in the loop at both schools. Make sure that you are in the know about everything that is going on! Make an auxiliar buddy that can fill you in a each school if you can :) I missed out on some activities because they forgot that I wasn't at some meetings. I've heard good and bad stories about splitting time between two schools, but I seriously had a greattttt experience at both and I would have renewed in each one if I could. Suerte!